Kids Instructor

Coach Jackson currently holds the rank of Purple Belt in BJJ. He has put in countless hour on the mats in the four years he has been training. He has also been one of the head instructors in our kids program for over 2 years. Not only is coach Jackson great with the kids program he is also a fierce competitor getting the Silver Medal at the NO-GI Pan Ams as a blue belt in 2020. One of the most prestigious grappling tournaments in the world. Very excited to watch him work with the kids and excel in the sport.



 Coach Ashley currently holds the rank of Blue Belt in BJJ. Since starting her Jiu Jitsu journey over 2 years ago she has competed in several tournaments.  She has multiple medals from IBJJF and Bigfoot Grappling Championship. Not only does she help teach kids jiu jitsu and cardio classes, she is a wife, mother of two, and also helps run our after school program,  Needles to say she is a great asset to The Academy and our success. 

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